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As a skilled freelancer in the field of Technical 3D Visualization, I offer a range of specialized services to support my clients in effectively presenting their projects. My services include Mechanical 3D Visualization, 3D Cutaway Illustration and Exploded Views. With a focus on accuracy and detail, I use my technical knowledge and artistic ability to create dynamic and impactful visual representations that accurately convey the design and function of even the most complex systems and products.

3D Cutaways

I provide a unique way of showcasing the inner workings of complex machinery and products. My illustrations provide a cross-section view of the design, highlighting individual components and showcasing the functionality of the entire system. Whether you need to demonstrate the functionality of a new product or communicate the inner workings of complex machinery to stakeholders, my Cutaway 3D Illustrations provide a clear and impactful understanding of your designs.


Product cutaways, sections of machines, 3D cross-sections

Exploded 3D Views

With a focus on accuracy and detail, I use exploded views to bring your designs into prominence and increase their uniqueness in the market. Several brands have realized the benefits of using this technique and have turned to experts like myself to accurately design their product exploded views. Whether you want to showcase your product's inner workings, highlight its unique features, or simply increase its visibility, my exploded 3D Renderings provide a unique and impactful solution.


Exploded-views of products, complex machinery, engines

See-through Rendering

As a specialist in see-through renderings (also called X-Ray views), I provide a unique way of visualizing the inner workings of complex 3D models, such as cars, products and technical machinery. Using transparency, I reveal hidden elements that are otherwise not visible. Whether you need to showcase the inner components of a new product or demonstrate the functionality of complex machinery, my X-ray and see-through renderings provide a clear and impactful way of visualizing intricate designs.


Cars and aviation, product interiors, unique components

Industrial 3D Visualization

I bring expertise and creativity to the visual representation of industrial machines, assembly lines, production plants and industrial products. My 3D Visualizations provide a detailed and accurate representation of even the most complex systems, allowing stakeholders to see the functionality of each component. Whether you need to present your designs to clients or improve processes, my 3D Renderings provide a clear way of showcasing your projects.


Exploded views, cross-sections, machines, assembly lines

Aerial Views

Aerial views are 3D renderings that provide a bird's eye view of building complexes, power plants, company sites and factories. These detailed and informative illustrations offer a comprehensive overview of the site, including its layout, design, functionality, and are valuable tools for architects, engineers, urban planners and construction professionals. 3D Aerial views are also ideal for presentations and provide a clear picture of the site for stakeholders and investors.


Power plants, buildings, factories, architecture

Automotive Rendering

Automotive renderings are an important tool for presenting cars, trucks, buses and all forms of transportation. These renderings display the design, engine, and function of internal components, providing a complete picture of the vehicle. They are useful for engineers and designers within the automotive industry, as they can use these renderings to test and improve the design of vehicles and make knowledgeable decisions during the development and production process.


Car interiors, engines, car components, development

Technology and Hardware

3D visualization for technology and hardware is used for showcasing the intricacies of electronic devices and systems. These renderings provide an in-depth view of microchips, hardware, servers, robots, and other electronics, offering a comprehensive understanding of their design and functionality. The use of 3D visualizations of electronics allows engineers, designers, and product managers to clearly see the various components and systems that make up a technology or hardware device.


Microchips, hardware, electronics, manufacturing, batteries

Factories & Power Plants

3D visualization is an effective tool for presenting factories and power plants in a clear and detailed way. By creating highly detailed 3D renderings of these structures, it becomes possible to show the internal functioning of systems, including production processes, power distribution, and other key aspects of their operation. 3D visualization is a powerful tool for presenting factories and power plants to a wide range of stakeholders, from investors and regulators to customers and the public.


Interior of factories, power plant layouts, facility development

Aviation Rendering

Aviation renderings serve as an essential resource for showcasing the design and operational features of aircraft. Through these 3D visualizations, the details of engines, aircraft design, and internal components are displayed, providing a full understanding of the plane. These renderings are invaluable to engineers and designers in the aviation industry, as they can use them to test and refine the design of aircraft, leading to informed decisions during the development and production.


Planes, spacecraft, drones, helicopters


Explore a diverse selection of technical 3D visualizations showcasing the latest in machines, industrial products and technology in my portfolio. Immerse yourself in the intricate details and precise renderings that highlight the unique features and capabilities of each product, making them truly stand out.


Technical visualizations serve a crucial role in helping customers understand your products. More often than not, the first interaction a customer has with your product is through its visualization. This initial visual impression is crucial in determining whether or not the customer is interested in your product. Not only does visualization showcase your product, but it also represents your company as a whole.


Convincing customers of your product requires tapping into their emotions and making a lasting impression. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of vivid images that bring your product to life. These images should not only showcase the technical details of your product but also highlight its unique features and benefits in a way that appeals to customers.


Technical visualizations play a critical role in promoting trust and reliability in your products and services. By presenting complex technical concepts in a clear and engaging manner, you can make it easier for customers to understand the features and benefits of your products. High-quality visualizations that accurately depict the technical details of your products help to build confidence and establish credibility.


Technical illustrations have the power to bring to life what would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye. They provide a unique view into the inner workings and technical details of your products. By showcasing what lies beneath the surface, technical illustrations help to increase understanding and provide a comprehensive picture of your product. These visuals allow us to see your products in a new light and appreciate their complexity.


Technical visualizations are versatile tools that can be used in a wide range of media to support training and documentation efforts. Incorporating visualizations into training materials can help to simplify complex technical concepts, making it easier for employees or customers to understand and retain the information. Technical visualizations can also be used in product documentation to provide clear and concise information about features, functions and safety procedures.


Please get in touch to learn more about my services. Whether it's a vague idea or a specific project request, feel free to reach out to me via email or phone. I am happy to receive your message!

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