My services include 3D Visualization, Illustration, and 3D Infographics. Here you will find an overview of all my work styles and their application areas. I would be happy to advise you on the best form of presentation for your unique project.


Technical Visualization

A clear and effective visualization to present technical objects and processes and their unique features in an esthetic and accurate way.


3D Infographics

3D Infographics for an accurate display of complex content. Factual information is presented with detailed visuals and text.


Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization with a focus on realism and an emotional presentation of real estate and their unique surroundings.


3D Illustration

Creative 3D Illustration for a stylish display of themes and motives for covers, posters, magazines and all kinds of digital media.


Product Visualization

Creative staging and visualization of products of all kind for a unique presentation in catalogs, magazines, web and general advertisement. 

Interactive 3D Models

Easy viewable, interactive 3D models for browsers, tablets and smartphones. Ideal for online product presentations to showcase special features.