My services include 3D Visualization, Illustration and Graphic Design. Here you will find an overview of all my work styles and their application areas. I would be happy to advise you on the best form of presentation for your unique project.


3D Illustration

Creative 3D Illustration for a stylish display of themes and motives for covers, posters, magazines and all kinds of digital media.

  • imaginative

  • stylish

  • artistic


Technical Visualization

A clear and effective visualization to present technical objects and processes and their unique features in an esthetic and accurate way.

  • detailed

  • memorable

  • illustrative


Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization with a focus on realism and an emotional presentation of real estates and their unique surroundings.

  • Interiors

  • Exteriors

  • 3D Floorplans


3D Infographics

3D Infographics for an accurate display of complex content. Factual infor is presented with the combination of  detailed visuals and text elements.

  • self-explanatory

  • descriptive

  • precise


3D Branding

Branding and ads with a unique 3D effect that increases attention and the imaginative display  of advertising messages.

  • catchy

  • depth effect

  • promotional


Product Visualization

Creative staging and visualization of products of all kind for a unique presentation in catalogs, magazines, web and general advertisement. 

  • realistic

  • vivid

  • striking


Corporate Design

Uniform design of the appearance of a company for the expression of its identity through logos, business cards, icons, typography, brochures, products, etc.

  • Logo and Folder

  • Business Cards

  • Packages

Interactive 3D Models

Easy viewable, interactive 3D models for browsers, tablets and smartphones. Ideal for online product presentations to showcase special features.